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Monday, 24 October 2016

How Search Engine Works?

How Search Engine Works?

To numerous individuals, Google IS the web. It's the default landing page and the primary port of call before getting to any site. It's ostensibly the most vital innovation since the Internet itself. Without internet searchers, substance would all be hand-picked – simply like daily papers and magazines. Keeping in mind web search tools have changed a lot since beginnings – and Google positively isn't the main internet searcher out there – the hidden standards are the same as they generally were.

Do you know how web crawlers function? There are three essential stages for a web crawler: Crawling – where content is found; Indexing, where it is analysed and put away in enormous databases; and retrieval, where searcher find the relevant results about its query.

 Web Crawling

 Web Crawling
Web Crawling
Crawling is the place everything starts – the acquisition of information around a site. This includes examining the site and getting an entire data of everything on there – the page title, pictures, Keywords it contains, and whatever other pages it connections to. Crawlers may cache a copy of the entire page, and for some extra data, for example, the page design, where the publicizing units are, where the links are etc.

How is a site Crawled precisely? An automated bot visits every page, much the same as you or I would, just rapidly. Indeed, even in the past days, Google reported that they were crawling hundred pages a second. On the off chance that you'd get a kick out of the chance to figure out how to make your own essential web crawler in PHP

The Crawler sends all the links it finds for the further process and this process continues whenever it finds any new links or data on internet.

We can also submit our links which we wanted to be Crawled by the bots.
  • ·         By linking that link to the already indexed website.
  • ·         Submitting URL in Webmasters.

Web Indexing

Web Indexing

Web indexing is the process in which some softwares(spiders) of google comes to your website to index all the information or data on your website. It actually analyse all the pages in your page and save the data in its database. Then it checks for the links inside your pages then fetches all the data from there too and saves it too. So, this whole process continues.


Google Search Ranking

Now whenever a searcher makes a query on the search engine then the softwares looks for the information about the keywords, phrases and their synonyms of the query which has been searched by you. It generally examines the websites Url, meta title, meta description and if it thinks that the following things contains your query keywords, phrase or their synonyms then it shows those web pages.

Placing depends on the most relevant web pages. The pages which has more traffic, authority, links and the most stuff about the query.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Google has dropped the sitelinks demotion feature from the search console.

Google has silently declared on google+ that they are removing the feature of demotion of sitelinks from the google search console.

Sitelinks are the other links then the website link which shows up in the google search results like if we search for men shoes then we can get the other sitelinks example casual, formal, sports etc.

You Can also check sitelinks here: Example

Demotion of sitelinks is used to remove sitelinks from displaying in google search.
We all know that google has the finest algorithm and is getting better day by day. So, google announced that algorithms are now better at showing relevant sitelinks and hence we are removing sitelinks demotion feature from the google search console.
Google shows up the relevant sitelinks which google thinks may be useful for the searchers, if it thinks that the sitelinks are not useful then it won’t show them in google search.

Other ways to give best sitelinks or to avoid useless sitelinks: -
  • ·         Clear structure of your website.
  • ·         Using relevant and informative anchor text.
  • ·         Using relevant internal links.
  • ·         Allow google to crawl and index the important pages of your website.
  • ·         Use “noindex” to remove the pages of website
  • ·         Use fetch and render.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

What is google local listing/google places?

On an account of web promoting, or to find any product or service now a days has become a lot more easier than before. People just type whatever they need on goggle search engine and get the best results within micro seconds. This technology has reduced human efforts. It is also a fortune for the business people all around the globe. They get the potential customers from google.

What is google local listing/google places?

This is a powerful tool by google which helps you to list on google map so that you can get the customers looking for your services in your location only.
It is very important for local businesses.
According to a study 20% of the people search with location keywords on google to get more precise result. When they search with the location keyword of your location then google gives you the first preference in its results.

Google also fetches location of the searchers from their internet service providers and try to give to the best results according to your location. If the business is listed on google maps, then only it will show up you in the results according to the locations.
If yo are running a local business in which you are targeting some places, then you should focus on location based keywords in SEO. It will be productive for your business.

Google local listing also helps you to improve your ranking on google search engine.
Optimization to google local listing
To optimize your google local listing page you need to give all the information correct and complete.
You can upload images of your stores and products their and videos about your business or services or products.
Encouraging reviews. you can ask you regular customers to review you business on google local listing, that improves your value.

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Google Indexing: Check the link indexed by google or not

Google Indexing


Today I found a friend of mine having problem with a page of his website. He was not able to encounter that weather the specific page of his website has indexed or not.

First of all lets talk something technical.There are crawlers that crawls all the links in your website and indexing is done but sometimes due to some errors the indexing is not done.Crawling and Indexing are the important as far as SEO is concerned.
Now how to check weather you page or link is indexed or not.
Go to the google search box and type "info:your link" and hit enter, If it shows result that means your page or link has been indexed and if it shows error that means your page or link is not indexed.
And if you need more details about indexing the visit : Searchengineland

Thursday, 6 October 2016

SEO For Local Business

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is very useful for local businesses.
With the help of SEO you can get the targeted audience for your business or the Service taking traffic.

In SEO you can target specific location, info-graphics and the people who are interested in your business.

SEO helps you to list your business on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) on your targeted Keywords.It takes time to list you on the first page, but one day you can achieve that spot if you work according to the google algorithm.

SEO is not a woo-doo , it genuinely takes time to show up results.If you will do ethical work you will definitely get the result.

Digital Marketing For All Business

Now a days digital marketing has become the most powerful tool to market your services.
We can target our targeted audience according to our services.People are getting more response from digital marketing than from physical marketing.It also reduces human power and our budget of marketing.
Digital Marketing For all Business

We have a lots of techniques in digital marketing like :

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization).
  • SMM (social Media Marketing).
  • Email Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Google Adwords.
  • Video Marketing.
  • Online Reputation Management.
  • Branding.
There are a lot more things under digital marketing.

In further Posts I will discuss about all the techniques and tips to get the best result about digital marketing.