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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Google has dropped the sitelinks demotion feature from the search console.

Google has silently declared on google+ that they are removing the feature of demotion of sitelinks from the google search console.

Sitelinks are the other links then the website link which shows up in the google search results like if we search for men shoes then we can get the other sitelinks example casual, formal, sports etc.

You Can also check sitelinks here: Example

Demotion of sitelinks is used to remove sitelinks from displaying in google search.
We all know that google has the finest algorithm and is getting better day by day. So, google announced that algorithms are now better at showing relevant sitelinks and hence we are removing sitelinks demotion feature from the google search console.
Google shows up the relevant sitelinks which google thinks may be useful for the searchers, if it thinks that the sitelinks are not useful then it won’t show them in google search.

Other ways to give best sitelinks or to avoid useless sitelinks: -
  • ·         Clear structure of your website.
  • ·         Using relevant and informative anchor text.
  • ·         Using relevant internal links.
  • ·         Allow google to crawl and index the important pages of your website.
  • ·         Use “noindex” to remove the pages of website
  • ·         Use fetch and render.

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