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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

What is google local listing/google places?

On an account of web promoting, or to find any product or service now a days has become a lot more easier than before. People just type whatever they need on goggle search engine and get the best results within micro seconds. This technology has reduced human efforts. It is also a fortune for the business people all around the globe. They get the potential customers from google.

What is google local listing/google places?

This is a powerful tool by google which helps you to list on google map so that you can get the customers looking for your services in your location only.
It is very important for local businesses.
According to a study 20% of the people search with location keywords on google to get more precise result. When they search with the location keyword of your location then google gives you the first preference in its results.

Google also fetches location of the searchers from their internet service providers and try to give to the best results according to your location. If the business is listed on google maps, then only it will show up you in the results according to the locations.
If yo are running a local business in which you are targeting some places, then you should focus on location based keywords in SEO. It will be productive for your business.

Google local listing also helps you to improve your ranking on google search engine.
Optimization to google local listing
To optimize your google local listing page you need to give all the information correct and complete.
You can upload images of your stores and products their and videos about your business or services or products.
Encouraging reviews. you can ask you regular customers to review you business on google local listing, that improves your value.

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